Sunday, October 16, 2011

fat man cartoon

Although it was targeted at children between the ages of 8 and 12 (the phone-in age), the frequent references to TV production issues, mixture of characters and bizarre humour has won it a small cult following amongst adults.

The programme first aired in Ocotber 2005 on the CBBC Channel, for a duration of one hour after Dick and Dom in da Bungalow. For this series, the truck was filled with items generally given by other children.

When the viewer wins the Mighty Truck of Stuff, the audience, Packers, guest packers, Reggie and Kojo all cheer and the music/song "All comes back to you". Reggie, usually accompanied by Nick, drive out of the studio/depot to the winning viewer.

Every week, before showing the Batman cartoon, Reggie would receive a phone call from a 'Commissioner' character, who'd set an 'evil' challenge to win toys for the show. In typical MTOS fashion, Reggie would be amazed at the demands of the Commissioner, before moving on to chat about cookery or pubs. Always rhyming or alliterating, these challenges created comical scenarios, such as the task to "Glue 42 blue shoes to the boxing kangaroo's blue canoe, before the tattooed dude eats his stew". In that episode, an unidentified man dressed in an obese Batman suit faced the task of glueing shoes to a plastic boat while a man dressed in a boxing kangaroo outfit played around on top. The cartoon was introduced, and when it had finished, the number of blue shoes was compared against the amount of stew that another unidentified tattooed man had consumed. For these games, the audience of children was oblivious to the bizarre humour, but it provided entertainment for older viewers. In the second series it was decided to use a regular Old Man, Fat Man, Bat Fan who was played by Nigel Rouine every week, he had such tasks as "Eating the pasta fasta than the rasta" and to "Sticker the vicar quicker than the penalty kicker". In the final episode the character was played by the late Jade Goody.

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