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Hocus Game

Despite being released around the same time as the film of the same name, the game is not related to it in any way.
Treasure items include rubies, diamonds, goblets and crowns. While Hocus does not have to pick up treasure, the player is awarded bonus points if all treasure is collected. The player also receives bonus points if they complete the level within a set time limit.
Hocus starts with 100% health and this percentage decreases as Hocus takes damage from spikes, lava, monsters or their missiles (4% on "easy" mode, 8% on "moderate" mode, 12% on "hard" mode). If this percentage reaches zero, Hocus dies and restarts the level. If Hocus is damaged he can collect healing potions that restore 10% health. There are fight-enhancing potions that enable rapid fire and powerful laser shots. Other potions allow Hocus to jump higher, and teleport to a set location in the level. Most levels have a secret room that may either be behind a hidden wall, or require a hidden teleport potion to get there. One or more holograms of Terexin can be found in most levels. This hologram sometimes gives Hocus a hint to where the secret room may be found, but at other times it will taunt him instead. When Hocus finds a secret room, he will often be rewarded with large amounts of treasure and items.

Hocus Pocus!:

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Commander Keen / Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus

The final level of each episode contains a boss. There are a total of four bosses in the game. If the Hocus touches one of the bosses, he is immediately killed.

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Halloween Flash Game

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Terexin, a powerful mage, explains that all magic power of the Land of Lattice is entrenched into powerful crystals that resonate if brought together in sets. As leader of the Council of Wizards, Terexin tells Hocus Pocus, the young wizard the player controls, has the quest to obtain such crystals in order to attain more magic powers to become a worthy member of the Council. He promises Hocus that if he manages to become a member, he gets to marry his sweetheart Popopa, who is also Terexin's daughter. Throughout his journey, Hocus encounters strange and sometimes dangerous creatures, like mummies, bats and Eskimos. Terexin, in the form of a hologram, gives the player advice through the game, although the conversations vary from solving a switch puzzle to how long it took him to grow his beard. After defeating Trolodon, the magic areas were now mostly cleared, so they became fairly safe for travel. As for completing his apprenticeship, Hocus Pocus becomes part of the Council of Wizards. At the end of the game, he marries his beloved Popopa, making them Mr. and Mrs. Pocus.
Speculation on the game has arisen that Trolodon was Terexin himself, as the player never gets to see the mage beyond the hologram, and both mages bore the same robes and beard. After Trolodon's defeat, Terexin was spiteful rather than grateful towards Hocus, as he couldn't believe that such a great mage like Trolodon could be defeated by a puny wizard like him who was also a dropout.

Halloween Hocus Pocus 1.0

Hocus Pocus Game Manual

Halloween Hocus Pocus is an

Halloween Hocus Pocus 1.0 - Free Download

Hocus Pocus movie on:

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Halloween Hocus Pocus

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