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Justin Bieber 2009 Wallpaper

The most current news, gossips and rumours. It contents the "Loser v Winner corner", in which there are presented some gestures or projects of fellow worldwide artists, comparing one to each other. It has also contents the "Star - Duel", where the editors compare two artists, shows, films or series which are from the same domein.

Starting with August, 2009, the readers have the freedom to chose theirselfs' favourite artists to appear on a poster or wallpaper, by sending a text via SMS.

It contents an exclusive interview with an international superstar, such as Sugababes, Zac Efron or Justin Bieber.

A psychological test, in which you must answer some questions about your behaviour, or what would you do in some situations with A, B, or C. There are below some description of your way to be and a comparation to international stars.

Justin Bieber is a Canadian

justin bieber desktop


justin bieber wallpaper

Justin Bieber wearing purple

The horoscope tells you what's going to happen with you, covering the domeins: School/Job, Gang/Friends, Love and Best Day.

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Blue Justin Bieber wallpaper

Justin Bieber wall paper!

justin bieber wallpapers 2009.

Justin Bieber Wallpapers

The readers ask some questions the editor about sex, love or other relationships. He have to answer them.
The presentation of the most recent albums and singles out in Romania, with profesional reviews. It has also contents the translation of a new song in other language than Romanian.

dresses justin bieber you

justin bieber wallpaper 2010

Justin Bieber - The sky is the

Justin Bieber by ~Asiulka94 on

Justin Bieber Wallpaper

The BRAVO Top 20, or BRAVO CHARTS is the reader's chart. They can vote online on their favourite songs, from a shortlist of 50 songs. The chart is mediated twice a month. Originally there was only a single Bravo magazine, today different variants are published. This is a result of higher individualisation and changing interests. The following brands are part of the "Bravo Family": Northern England CHR stations: CFM Radio · Hallam FM · Key 103 · Metro Radio · Radio City 96.7 · 96.3 Radio Aire · 97.4 Rock FM · TFM Radio · 96.9 Viking FM

J-14 is taking Justin Bieber

Wallpaper Justin Bieber

Wallpapers Of Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber picture

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