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Ronnie Wedding

Roxy's major storylines have seen her break off her engagement with her fiancé, fall out with her sister on several occasions, and assume relationships with Jase Dyer and Sean Slater, as well as betraying Ronnie by sleeping with her on-off boyfriend, Jack Branning. The character has proved popular with viewers, with Simons winning 'Best Newcomer' award at the Digital Spy Soap Awards in 2008 for her role in the soap.
Roxy goes into premature labour and gives birth to a girl, who she names Amy, after Ronnie's daughter who was adopted as a newborn. Roxy and Sean plan to move to Dagenham, and Roxy has a DNA test done to determine whether Sean or Jack is Amy's father. The results show that Jack is the father, and when Sean discovers this on Christmas Day, he snatches Amy and keeps her for several days, before returning her to Roxy via his sister, Stacey (Lacey Turner). On New Year's Day, Sean asks Roxy to leave Walford with him and Roxy agrees. He, Roxy and Amy drive to a frozen lake and Sean reveals that he intends to kill them all. Roxy gets Amy to safety, but she and Sean fall through the ice. They survive, but Roxy tells him to leave, so he walks away and is not seen again. Roxy and Ronnie try to patch up their relationship, but Archie continually attempts to ruins it. He marries his former sister-in-law Peggy (Barbara Windsor), but on their wedding day the Mitchells discover that Danielle Jones (Lauren Crace) is the daughter Ronnie gave up for adoption. Archie had told Ronnie that her baby was dead, but Danielle proves he is lying. She is run over and killed moments after reuniting with Ronnie. Ronnie leaves temporarily, and Roxy tries to seduce Jack while wearing Ronnie's clothes and perfume. Jack is horrified by her behaviour and tells her that he is still in love with Ronnie.
Roxy begins dating local GP Al Jenkins (Adam Croasdell), however their relationship later ends when someone complains about it, despite the fact Roxy is not his patient. Al quits his job and moves back to Cornwall. Archie is murdered on Christmas Day, and Ronnie and Roxy's estranged mother Glenda Mitchell (Glynis Barber) returns, to ensure that her daughters are recognised in Archie's will. Roxy inherits the majority of his estate, including The Queen Victoria, Mitchell's Executive Motors, his house, his Maserati sports car and £3 million. It transpires that Glenda has been lying about her life after leaving Archie, and she leaves again. After the funeral, Roxy and Ronnie meet their younger brother Danny (Liam Bergin) for the first time. They invite him to stay, against Glenda's wishes. When Roxy accuses Ronnie of murdering their father, Ronnie reveals that Archie raped Stacey, and did the same to her when she was a child. Stacey's husband Bradley Branning (Charlie Clements) is posthumously found guilty of the murder. Roxy gives Danny a job at the pub, and he encourages her to buy the local beauty salon. He gains Roxy's trust, but she is unaware that he and Glenda are planning to steal her inheritance. Glenda then returns and the attempted con is revealed. Glenda reveals that Danny has been hitting her and that he is not Archie's son. Roxy tells Danny to leave, and asks Glenda to stay. Ronnie talks to Roxy again about how Archie raped her when she was 13. Glenda, Peggy and Jack overhear this. Roxy tries to convince Peggy that Ronnie is telling the truth, but she refuses to believe it, so Roxy decides to move out along with Glenda and Amy, and puts the pub up for sale, though she later agrees to hand it over to Peggy after going into partnership with Ronnie and Jack at the club. It soon emerges that Glenda knew Archie had abused Ronnie and Roxy disowns her. However, when a fire destroys The Queen Victoria, Glenda arrives to comfort her daughters. Roxy later helps her to get a present for Ronnie's baby and a job in the bookmaker's.

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At the club, she upsets her best friend Christian Clarke (John Partridge) by spiking his boyfriend Syed Masood's (Marc Elliott) drink with alcohol. However, they make up the next week. After beating Alfie Moon (Shane Richie) at poker, she pays two months' rent to Phil for Alfie's lease of The Queen Victoria. When the pub reopens, Roxy works behind the bar and when Alfie's wife Kat Moon (Jessie Wallace) sees her and Alfie together, she attacks Roxy, and later sprays her with water, but Roxy says she is not interested in Alfie as he is too old. Roxy pays off Ronnie's wedding planning to give Ronnie an expensive wedding, but later discovers she has no money in her bank account as she has squandered her money on clothes, holidays, property and a new car amongst other things. She uses her last bit of cash to place a bet on a horse, which wins but Glenda, who works at the bookmakers, did not place to bet. Alfie helps out by lending her everything from his vow renewal ceremony, which is taking place on the same day. However, before the wedding, the manager of the hotel it is taking place asks for payment up front. Roxy hands over a bag but there is no money in it and Roxy then tells Ronnie the wedding will have to be cancelled and tells Ronnie she has no money left and her last £20,000 has been stolen. She accuses several people of stealing it. Glenda distracts the manager while Ronnie and Jack quickly marry without paying. Roxy also reveals she sold the sound system and alcohol from R&R. Later, Phil and his partner Shirley Carter (Linda Henry) stay in the hotel with Roxy's cash.

Anderson and Ronnie Brown.

Anderson and Ronnie Brown.

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During a heart to heart with Ronnie, Roxy appologises for wasting all of the money. However she is surprised when Ronnie tells her that she is glad the money is gone as it was the last hold Archie had over them. Roxy is forced to put one of her properties on the market to free up some money, meaning Shirley and Phil are forced to move out and find somewhere else to live. Roxy learns that Stacey was really Archie's murderer and wants justice but Ronnie allows Stacey to flee the country. Roxy and Ronnie make up when Ronnie gives birth to James. Roxy agrees to be a surrogate mother for Christian and Syed and impregnates herself using Christian's sperm. She meets Michael Moon (Steve John Shepherd) and takes a liking to him. Glenda later tells Roxy that Phil stole her money at Ronnie's wedding. Roxy tells Ronnie that she and Michael may become a couple, so Ronnie falsely claims that Michael came onto her, in an attempt to drive him out of Walford. Believing Ronnie, Roxy tells Michael to stay away from her and later finds him with another blonde woman, which makes her jealous. Roxy sleeps with Michael, and later tells Christian and Syed that her period is nine days late. However, a pregnancy test shows she is not pregnant.
Glenda urges Roxy to steal back her money from Phil but they are caught taking cash from his safe. Phil convinces Roxy that Glenda stole the cash, and finds some that he planted in Glenda's wardrobe. Roxy refuses to believe Glenda's pleas, so Glenda publicly declares her affair with Phil to show Roxy that he has a reason to frame her.

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Roxy is horrified when she finds out that Ronnie's newborn baby, James Branning died of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, and Ronnie swapped her baby with Kat Moon (Jessie Wallace's unattended son, Tommy Moon. Roxy initially refuses to believe it, but is mortified when it is revealed to be true. Roxy initially stands by Ronnie, but later disowns her after she accuses her boyfriend Michael Moon (Steve John Shepherd) of framing her for the Queen Vic break in, and sending her a text from Roxy's mobile phone, plus taking Tommy to the park and making it look although Ronnie tried to take him again. But unknown to Roxy, Michael tried to kiss Ronnie, but she rejected him saying that she is married to Jack, and he wanted revenge. The truth about Michael framing Ronnie comes out, and Roxy breaks up with him, saying she wants nothing more to do with him. On the day of Ronnie's trial for taking Tommy, she is sentenced to 3 years imprisonment, and Roxy shouts at Kat during the trial so is taken into the cells for the night. Kat, realising that Michael framed Ronnie, forgives her for taking her child, and tells Ronnie that she understands why she did what she did. Ronnie and Roxy meet upon being taken to their cells, and Roxy makes up with Ronnie, who tells her that she was the one looking after her all these years. Ronnie is then taken to her cell, holding Danielle's locket, having finally found peace. Roxy is angry at Syed Masood (Marc Elliot) when he tells his boyfriend, Roxy's friend, Christian Clarke (John Partridge) that he doesn't want to adopt. Roxy tells Syed that Christian is devastated, and that Christian deserves a better boyfriend than him. Syed, feeling guilty, asks Roxy to be left alone with Christian, and the two get back together when Syed agrees to the adoption, much to Christian's delight. When Roxy feels ousted by her cousin and business partner, Phil, she decides to annoy him by selling her share of R&R to Janine Butcher (Charlie Brooks). Both Mitchell sisters were featured heavily in a BBC marketing campaign. Several promos aired on the BBC network in summer 2007. Using the slogan "The square, under new management", one promo depicted both sisters as party girls, dancing, serving tequila in The Queen Victoria public house (The Vic), shocking the older residents with their raunchy antics and squirting men with a soda syphon to the tune of "The Girls" by Calvin Harris.

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