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The album received positive reviews from critics and drew heavy comparisons to her previous studio album Blackout. Commercially the album also performed very well. In the United States the album debuted atop the Billboard 200 selling over half a million copies and 814,000 copies worldwide in first week. The feat also earned Spears a place on the Guinness Book of World Records due to Spears becoming the youngest female artist in history to have five number one albums. Elsewhere the album had a good commercial response topping charts in Canada and the European charts.

The album's lead single "Womanizer" became a worldwide hit and broke records for registering the largest jump to number one on the Billboard Hot 100 after debuting at number ninety-six on the chart. The song became her best-selling single in the US since her debut single "...Baby One More Time". The second single "Circus" debuted and peaked at number 3 in the US. The third single "If U Seek Amy" created controversy for its double entendre, but managed to peak at number 19 in the US. Circus is Spears's second album since ...Baby One More Time to have two top-ten hits and three top-twenty hits. The album gained a Grammy Award nomination for Best Dance Recording for "Womanizer," but lost to Lady Gaga's "Poker Face." The album has become her biggest-selling album since In the Zone selling over eight million combined sales of digital tracks and over four million copies worldwide.

Spears embarked on her fifth concert tour to support the album named The Circus Starring Britney Spears. The tour kicked off on March 3, 2009 in New Orleans' New Orleans Arena and finished in Adelaide's Adelaide Entertainment Centre. Spears embarked on four legs of the tour visiting North America twice performing elsewhere in Europe and Australia. The tour gained controversy in Australia due to accusations of lip-synching. Elsewhere Spears promoted the album, performing on several television shows and releasing a promotional music video for the track "Kill the Lights".

It was confirmed in 2008 that Spears was in the process of recording her sixth studio album. Producer Sean Garrett was confirmed as a producer saying "I'm just happy to see her back and recovering. She's really shaping up and getting her whole situation back together. I'm really proud and happy to see her" after her much publicized breakdown. Spears manager Larry Rudolph confirmed development of the album would take place in summer 2008 saying despite no official album confirmation at the time that they were happy with her progress and that she had been working with a range of producers. Spears told reporters at OK! that it was her longest time spent recording an album and she stated that it was her best work ever. She added ""I think it is more urban [...] I'm writing every day, right here at the piano in this living room". Producer of the record Claude Kelly talked about the development and lack of concept saying "When I went in with Luke we knew we were going to maybe write something for her, but there was no concept, it was just knowing her style and knowing what she does. The album title was released alongside the Take That album The Circus with the same release date and title. Spears talked about the name of the album saying:

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Our Song

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"I like the fact that you're always on the edge of your seat when you're at a circus. You're never bored [...] You're just really engulfed in what's going on around you. And you want to know what's going to happen next."

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"Once Luke and I were in the studio, he played me the music he was working on for her, and we then based the song on what her life was like at the time and how people viewed her. It was a cool way to get people dancing and having fun, but also to have a slight message underneath of it all."
Spears talked about the initial recordings stating that she chose to write a lot of the material for the album and she also confirmed that she was developing a more pop-influenced record with producers she had worked with in the early stages of her career. The confirmation that Spears would be recording the album in the summer of 2008 also came with confirmation of producers such as Sean Garrett, Guy Sigsworth, Danja and Bloodshy & Avant. Max Martin, who produced Britney's first hit "...Baby One More Time", produced "If U Seek Amy" for the album. Guy Sigsworth, who previously produced the singles "Everytime" and "Someday (I Will Understand)", spent time in the studio with Spears in June 2008. It was then confirmed that Jim Beanz would be the vocal producer and co-writer of the album calling her "a true professional" and calling her "amazing". Another notable collaborator is The Outsyders, an Atlanta-based production team, who produced the album's first single. Fernando Garibay revealed on his official website that he was working on two songs for Spears, "Amnesia" and "Quicksand", which both became bonus tracks. Danja reported that he worked on the tracks at Chalice Recording Studios in Los Angeles, and Spears recorded them at Glenwood Place Studios in Burbank. He said he was inspired by Hans Zimmer's scores, such as Pirates of the Caribbean soundtracks. Lil Jon, Rodney Jerkins, Sean Garrett, and Taio Cruz, among others all announced they were working with Spears, but none of their tracks appear on the album or as bonus tracks.

taylor swift straight hair our

taylor swift straight hair our

Our Song

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Circus takes influence from a variety of pop genres, such as electropop and dance and has been called a sequel to Spears' previous album, Blackout. She described the album as lighter than its predecessor, which was more urban sounding. The songs of the album have been compared to the styles of many artists, such as Janet Jackson, Eurythmics, New Order and the songwriting of Prince, Leiber & Stoller and Phil Spector. To a lesser degree, the album draws elements from other genres, such as a 1960s go-go rock guitar in "Mmm Papi". Circus focuses on different themes and Spears "does double duty as a dance diva and brokenhearted balladeer". Lyrically, it has been compared to Blackout, due to the fact that they are "fiery" and "confrontational". In songs such as "Circus" and "Kill the Lights", the lyrics discuss fame, a theme she has previously acknowledged in "Lucky" and "Piece of Me". The album's opening track, "Womanizer" as well as "Shattered Glass" are songs that talk about a womanizing man. The third track, "Out from Under", chronicles the end of her relationship with Kevin Federline. "Womanizer" the first track was chosen as the lead single and was described by Spears as a girl anthem and lyrically talks of a cheating man. The song features synth sirens with a repetitive chorus. The second song, "Circus", talks about Spears' feelings as an entertainer and the emotions she feels while performing with the lyrics "All eyes on me in the centre of the ring just like a circus/When I crack that whip everybody gonna trip just like a circus". It has been described as featuring "thudding electronic dance production" and has gained comparisons to Spears' earlier single "Break the Ice". The third track, "Out from Under" gathered comparisons Spears' track "I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman" with acoustic guitar backings. The song lyrically has been linked to Spears' relationship with ex-husband Kevin Federline and has been noted as a story of a suffocating relationship. "Kill the Lights", the fourth track, is a dance-pop song that talks about Spears conflict with the paparazzi and draw comparisons to her earlier "Piece of Me". With an introduction that states "our very own pop princess, now Queen of Pop". The song has gained comparisons to music by Madonna. "Shattered Glass" the fifth track is features dark electronic beats and lyrically it discusses a broken non-repairable relationship. "If U Seek Amy" the sixth track is a Pop song with elements of "glam-rave" and gained controversy for its double entendre which consisted of the "If U Seek Amy" name sounding phonically like "F.U.C.K. me". The seventh track, "Unusual You", is a synthpop song, that deals with a woman finding unexpected love. "Unusual You" has been compared to works by the Eurythmics' during the 1980s and has been noted as a "pulsating ballad" with other critics noting the 1990s music themes. "Blur" the eighth track is a pop song with an urban influence and recalls a morning after a party with lyrics ""Can't remember what I did last night/I gotta get my head right, where the hell am I? Who are you? What'd we do last night?". It has gained comparisons to the track "Early Mornin" from her fourth studio album In the Zone. "Mmm Papi" is the ninth track, with critics noting the Latin-pop dance hall themes they also noted the track was fun, but panning it for appearing to "revisit the Lolita persona of "…Baby One More Time". It has been suggested that its lyrics deal with either her father Jamie Spears or paparazzi Adnan Ghalib. "Mannequin" the tenth track is a dance-pop song with a trip hop influence, with critics noting it for being risky and futuristic while some others saying her vocals sound "lifeless" whilst the eleventh track "Lace and Leather" has gathered comparisons to Vanity 6's works from the 1980s with the final track "My Baby" written by Spears about her two sons; Sean Preston Spears and Jayden James Spears.

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