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wallpaper hacker

.hack//G.U. simulates a massively multiplayer online role-playing game; players assume the role of a participant in a fictional game called The World. While in The World, the player controls the on-screen player character, Haseo, from a third-person person perspective (with optional first-person mode). The player may control the camera using the game controller's right analog stick. Within the fictional game, players explore monster-infested fields and dungeons as well as "Root Towns" that are free of combat. They also can "log-off" from the game and return to a computer desktop interface which includes in-game e-mail, news, and message boards, as well as desktop and background music customization options. In Reminisce, an optional card game called "Crimson VS" becomes available. The player may save the game to a memory card both from the desktop and within The World at a Save Shop. After the player completes the game, a Data Flag appears on the save file, which allows the transfer of all aspects of the player character and party members to the next game in the series.

Players can attack monsters in real time. However, the action pauses whenever the menu is opened in order to select magic to cast, items to use, or skills to perform. The player only directly controls Haseo, while the other characters are controlled by artificial intelligence. The player may either provide guidelines ("Free Will", "Rage", "Life", etc.) or issue direct commands (for example, to cast a particular magic at a particular enemy) to the computer-controlled characters. Monsters roam the environments freely or guard treasure chests. Once combat is initiated, via a "surprise attack" or the player being spotted, a wall erects around the combat area to prevent escape. Under certain conditions, the player may execute a "Rengeki" attack via the Skill Trigger menu. These attacks deal greater damage and fill a Morale gauge, which allows the player and his team members to use a combination attack. Certain plot-related fights, called "Avatar battles", use a different interface which incorporates shoot 'em up gameplay elements. After depleting the opponent's health, players must charge up a "Data Drain" to end the battle.

In late 2014, Aura disappears, resulting in the slow decay of The World and the Internet as a whole. In response, the company that administrates The World, CC Corp, sets up "Project G.U." and tasks them with remedying the problem. They come up with the "Restore Aura (RA) Plan", in which they attempt to retrieve the fragments of Morganna—an AI that served as Aura's "mother"—and seal them into player characters (PCs) of The World. In theory, this would allow the Project G.U. programmers to manipulate the Morganna program to recreate Aura. Only certain "chosen" players could control these special "Epitaph PCs".

Following the events of .hack//Roots, Haseo has become a ruthless and powerful player. A chance encounter with Ovan leads him to the Hulle Granz Cathedral, where Shino was put into a coma. He encounters and battles "Tri-Edge" but is soundly defeated. Tri-Edge uses a powerful, illegal skill called "Data Drain" on Haseo, which resets his character data to level one. Lacking the strength he once had, Haseo is mistaken for a newbie player by Silabus and Gaspard, who invite him to join their guild, Canard, eventually becoming its Guild Master. During this, he is approached by Kuhn and Pi, two players associated with G.U., a group run by Yata who works for CC Corp, and is investigating AIDA, a bizarre computer anomaly that is appearing in the game.

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