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Over his longlasting career, Cid has been awarded with 25 Silver, 8 Gold (2 double) and 3 Platinum records.

Amor Imagens

Cid was born in 1942 in Chamusca, son of Francisco Albano Coutinho Ferreira and Fernanda Tavares Salter Cid Freire Gameiro. In 1953, aged 11, he went to the municipality of Anadia. He began his career in 1956 with the founding of the Babies, a musical group specializing in the interpretation of songs from other bands. In 1960, as a student of the Faculty of Law of the University of Coimbra (FDUC), he created in Coimbra the Conjunto Orfeão, with José Niza, Proença de Carvalho and Rui Ressurreição.

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In 1963, he married Emilia Infante Câmara Pedroso, with whom had a daughter, Ana Sofia Infante Pedroso Cid, born in 1964. The family lived in São João do Estoril, municipality of Cascais. Ana Sofia would work a lot with her father - she is author of many of his lyrics and made choruses to many of Cid's songs.

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