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love quotes for long distance relationships

' Addictive love is an inclusive term in that it includes "addicts" and "co-addicts", "co-dependents", and "love avoidant"'.

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The modern history of the concept of the love addict - ignoring such precursors as Robert Burton's dictum that 'love extended is mere madness' or Mr Shandy's recommendation of 'losing a few ounces of blood below the ears, according to the practice of the ancient Scythians, who cured the most intemperate fits of the appetite by that means' - go back to the early decades of the twentieth century. Freud's study of the Wolf Man highlighted 'his liability to compulsive attacks of falling physically in love...a compulsive falling in love that came on and passed off by sudden fits'; but it was Sandor Rado who in 1928 first delineated the characteristics of '"love addicts"...in their continuous need of supplies that give sexual satisfaction and heighten self-esteem simultaneously'.

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However it was not until the Seventies and Eighties that the concept came to the popular fore. 'At least two of the three major hall-marks of the 1960s - sex, drugs, and rock'n'roll - have in the 1970s become problems that require care and cure'. Stanton Peele opened the door, almost unwittingly, with his 1975 book Love and Addiction; but (as he later explained), while that work had been intended as 'a social commentary on how our society defines and patterns intimate relationships...all of this social dimension has been removed, and the attention to love addiction has been channeled in the direction of regarding it as an individual, treatable psychopathology'. Thereafter in the Eighties, 'thanks to Robin Norwood's Women Who Love Too Much, "love addiction" for women became popular', and has scarcely looked back since.[editorializing] Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous and Susan Peabody, in her book Addiction to Love, were the first to use the actual term "love addict."[citation needed] Variations of love addiction, such as "Ambivlent Love Addict"]] have become further popularized by Susan Peabody in her book Addiction to Love and illustrated through the Obsessive Love Wheel by John D. Moore in his book Confusing Love with Obsession.

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