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Gardner's characters were white blob-like creatures who expressed their attitude toward existence in mottos and quotes on greeting cards and statuettes. In the comic strip they engaged in dialogue in balloons in the standard comic strip format. Gardner first began drawing these characters while he was a student at Antioch College. As an English word from Yiddish, "nebbish" means an insignificant, pitiful person; a nonentity (from Yiddish interjection nebekh "poor thing!", and from Czech nebohý).

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On local New York television, Gardner drew The Nebbishes on Shari Lewis' WPIX Kartoon Klub show, as noted by Kevin S. Butler:

This is my motto and words I

Gardner's comic strip was picked up by the Chicago Tribune and syndicated to 60-75 major newspapers. The strip ran Sundays only from 1959 to 1961.

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Mottos Zum Erfolg

motto \x26middot; mottos \x26middot; quotes

For instance, this motto is


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