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painting quotes on canvas

His best known work is probably the 1993 painting "Waiting for Buller", which pays reference to the noted ornithologist Walter Lawry Buller.

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Lyttelton artist William (Bill) Hammond spent the 1970s working in design and toy manufacturing, returning to painting in 1981. Hammond's work tackles social and environmental issues, conveying messages about humanity and its status as an endangered species.

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Endangerment Hammond has looked back into New Zealand's environmental history for his subject matter, drawing inspiration from the study and attitude of Sir Walter Buller. The well-known Buller paintings reveal some of the grim ways in which birds have been forced to relate to us. Hammond has read widely on the perverse practice of Victorian ornithology. Walter Buller's 'A History of the Birds of New Zealand' with illustrations by John G. Keulemans, provided a source of inspiration for some of these paintings. Buller was a prominent lawyer and ornithologist, whose studies of native birds are still regarded as definitive today. He believed that the native people, plant and birdlife would inevitably be rendered extinct by European colonists. Although he was involved in campaigns to protect some species of bird, Buller did so reluctantly and continued to collect specimens for his own research. In paintings such as Waiting for Buller, Hammond moves away from mutated forms and renders the birds in a painstaking, accurate manner reminiscent of scientific illustrations.

painting quotes on canvas

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painting quotes on canvas

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painting quotes on canvas

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