Tuesday, January 17, 2012

body art graffiti

Che Guevara's likeness has undergone continual apotheosis while being weaved throughout the public consciousness in a variety of ways. From being viewed as a "Saintly Christ-like" figure by the rural poor in Bolivia where he was executed, to being viewed as an idealistic insignia for youth, longing for a vague sense of rebellion. His likeness can also be seen on millions of posters, hats, key chains, mouse pads, hoodies, beanies, flags, berets, backpacks, bandannas, belt buckles, wallets, watches, wall clocks, Zippo lighters, pocket flasks, bikinis, personal tattoos, and most commonly T-shirts. Meanwhile his life story can be found in an array of films, documentaries, plays, and songs of tribute. Throughout television, music, books, magazines, and ironically even corporate advertisements, Che's visage is an ever-present political and apolitical emblem that has been endlessly mutated, transformed, and morphed over the last forty years of visual popular culture. This allows Che to operate as "both a fashionable de-politicized logo, as well as a potent anti-establishment symbol used by a wide spectrum of human rights movements and individuals affirming their own liberation."

Contemporary Gaffiti Body Art
463 × 650 - 79k - jpg

Graffiti on Sexy Girls – Body
550 × 584 - 71k - jpg

Graffiti body art by ~biz02 on
644 × 480 - 50k - jpg

Blue Women Graffiti Body Art
249 × 400 - 26k - jpg

Graff bodies.
497 × 547 - 205k - gif

324 × 303 - 34k - jpg

Graffiti Body Art
311 × 400 - 28k - jpg

Additionally, his face has evolved into many manifestations and represents a Rashomon effect to those who observe its use. To some it is merely a generic high street visual emblem of global marketing, while to others it represents the notion of dissent, civil disobedience, or political awareness. Conversely, to those ideologically opposed to Che Guevara's belief in World revolution, or to those that resent his veneration because of his violent actions, his propagation represents shallow ignorant kitsch, idolatry worthy of spoof makeovers, parody, or even ridicule. Despite the competing narratives, Che has become a widely disseminated counter-cultural symbol that sometimes even operates entirely independent of the man himself. Hannah Charlton of The Sunday Times made note of the varying uses by postulating that "T-shirt wearers might wear Che's face as an easy replacement for real activism, or as a surrogate for it."

Graffiti on Girls
520 × 632 - 269k - jpg

Graffiti Body's : Amazing and
375 × 650 - 42k - jpg

Shriiimp.com = Graffiti + Body
250 × 250 - 69k - jpg

Graffiti Body Art and Sense
664 × 1000 - 164k - jpg

Graffiti Body Art by Sogr
503 × 700 - 29k - jpg

Body Paint Meets Street Style
438 × 500 - 23k - jpeg

Graffiti Body Art Calendar is
533 × 400 - 186k - jpg

Graffiti Body Art by Sogr
467 × 700 - 37k - jpg

Graffiti on girls
520 × 696 - 267k - jpg

the form of body graffiti
500 × 374 - 113k - jpg

Tattoo art and graffiti have
490 × 224 - 51k - jpg

Body Art & Graffiti Expo
700 × 990 - 96k - jpg

Body Painting - Body Art
338 × 414 - 47k - jpg


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