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It was created by cable service operator Time Warner, which managed the system at the time and now is the main content provider for the new system known as Bright House Networks, to make local news available continuously throughout this fast-growing region.
In 2002, Bay News 9 was the first TV station in the area to provide a VIPIR Doppler radar system. In 2007, Bay News 9 became the first station in Florida and only a handful of stations to provide a Dual-Pole Doppler Radar system . On Monday, January 5, 2009, Bay News 9 launched its upgraded doppler rader system called Klystron 9. This new system is capable of seeing weather features in greater detail than other Doppler radar systems.
Klystron 9 combines, for the first time in history, a dual Polarimetry radar, Klystron tube, Pulse Compression technology and a 1.25-million watt transmitter. That combination of technology makes Klystron 9 the most powerful television radar in the world. Klystron 9 has the ability to see storms other radards can't see and see deeper into those storms. The Klystron 9's dual-pol technology even tells meteorologists the sizes and shape of raindrops and makes the distinction between rain and ice.

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Former WTSP news anchor Al Ruechel was one of its first anchors and remains with the operation. Three original anchors remain with the station: Ruechel, Mike Clay, and Alan Winfield. Winfield only works during hurricanes after leaving the station full time in 2006 to join a religious ministry. In December 2008, Jen Holloway left the station to join the parent company, Bright House Networks as a marketing spokesperson. Weekend morning anchor, Erica Riggins replaced her spot .

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NBC Bay Area News at 4:30

Bay News 9 is seen on channel 9 on all systems, except for Pasco County, where it is seen on channel 6 (WTSP is on channel 9, due to its transmitter location). The newscasts (with the exception of Your Morning News segments) are recorded for repeat broadcasts with breaking news and weather forecasts inserted almost hourly.
Your Morning News began airing in 2000 and provides news, traffic, and weather from 5 to 9 a.m. on weekdays. There is also a weekend edition that airs from 6 to 10 a.m.

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In June 2008, Bay News 9 began airing traffic updates six times an hour, as opposed to four times an hour (which was the standard since the station's inception). Updates now occur right after the weather segments at :00 and :30 past the hour, as well as the usual :09, :19, :39, and :49 past the hour. In 2003, Bay News 9 introduced The 7:00 News, a prime-time newscast that provides breaking news, the day's top stories and a national news segment called 'The Nightly News Digest'. This separate newscast has since been immersed into Your Evening News, which has aired since 2000. The 10:00 News was part of a short-lived primetime lineup that aired from 2000 to 2003. The hour-long newscast was originally preceded by another one-hour counterpart called "9 at Nine," which ended in 2002.

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