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The object of the game is to build a fun fair in the midst of a scary forest while decorating the grounds, fending off various monsters, and completing many quests. Players build games and buildings which attract visitors to the fair, and visitors can become scared if they see a monster or the forest erupts near them. Players must comfort the visitors when they are scared so they can go back to their normal routine of enjoying the fair.
The player has an energy bar which determines how many major actions the player can take in a session. More energy can be purchased with mushrooms or Facebook credits to extend gameplay. Mushrooms randomly drop from trees that are chopped down.
Chopping trees and roots are a large part of gameplay. One chop on a tree or root will use an energy. Loot drops from the chopped tree or root and will contain coins, XP (experience points), and often materials needed for quests and building structures. Sometimes a monster, such as a Crittle Bear or Domovoi, will appear as a result of chopping a tree and the player can either ignore the monster or pummel it with a shovel to scare it away.

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When the player finishes building a structure, the "fun" value attached to the structure accumulates with all other structures in the fair. At various "fun" levels, visitors will fly in on a zeppelin and roam the player's fair, playing games and using buildings and paying coins and XP for them.

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All during gameplay, the scary forest erupts randomly with evil laughter, will-o-wisps, or a frightening crow. If a visitor is near a scary part of the forest, the visitor will scream and run to the player for comfort. The player must then click on the scared visitor to comfort them so they can continue enjoying the fair. If the player places a Protector on the ground, it will be able to retaliate against the forest, attack monsters, and comfort the scared visitors.
After the player gathers enough XP, they will level up and have their energy meter filled, and possibly extended. Attaining levels will affect the game in various ways, such as unlocking items for purchase in the store (called Ye Olde Shoppe), new quests becoming available, new monsters appearing when trees are chopped, etc.

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Ravenwood Fair has launched on several other social networks such as Japan's Mixi, IMVU, South America's Orkut, and Germany's StudiVZ. The game can be played in 9 languages: English, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Turkish, Italian, Bahasa Indonesia, German, French, and Portuguese. Lolapps began working on a game called Critter Town in January 2010 using Sean Cooper's fl<iso> engine. This game was redesigned multiple times over a 7 month period, until Lolapps asked Brenda Brathwaite, their new Creative Director, for help in finishing the game. Brenda suggested bringing in John Romero to redesign the game and lead it to completion. John Romero arrived at Lolapps on August 1, 2010 and worked with a team of 11 developers to create Ravenwood Fair and launch it on October 19, 2010. The game is full of references to popular culture. The game has been praised for its beautiful painterly art style.

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