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Michael Jackson Dancing Moonwalk

Versions of the game were released for the popular 8-bit and 16-bit home computers of the time. They were developed by two small softhouses, Irish Emerald Software Ltd and American Keypunch Software, and published by British company U.S. Gold; all of these have since gone out of business. The home computer versions are the only games to make reference to the early portions of the film.

The games featured four different levels. The first was a top-down maze-style level based on the 'Speed Demon' short, involving wandering the studio to collect various items and costume pieces, with the final piece being the motorcycle, all whilst trying to avoid the crazed fans. Stealth elements were used, with an onscreen map similar to that used in Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake. The next level had similar gameplay, riding the motorcycle collecting tokens, upon which turning into a car in order to jump a barrier to the next part.

The third level was a sort of side-scrolling level based on the "Smooth Criminal" clip, collecting ammunition and shooting at gangsters in openings above you.

The final level involved morphing into a robot and shooting at soldiers in openings, with the player controlling a crosshair. The four songs used were "Bad", "Speed Demon", "Smooth Criminal" and "The Way You Make Me Feel".

The Moonwalk. Michael Jackson

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The Moonwalk is a dance


Learn how to Moonwalk like

Since all three games were made in isolation, and all hardware had different sound and memory capabilities, they all included a different selection of songs. The levels on which each song was used is summarized below.

Michael Jackson executing the

We Dance Because Of Michael

This poster shows Michael


I am the Moonwalk

With completely different gameplay to the home computer versions, Moonwalker was developed into an arcade video game by Sega (programming) and Triumph International (audiovisuals), with the help of Jackson which was released on the Sega System 18 hardware. This game suffered from Sega's suicide battery on its arcade board (a battery that, accidentally or otherwise, renders the game unplayable at the end of its lifespan). The arcade has distinctively different gameplay from its computer and console counterparts, focusing more on beat 'em up gameplay elements rather than platform.
The game is essentially a beat-em-up, although Jackson attacks with magic powers instead of physical contact, and has the ability to shoot magic power at enemies instead of getting close enough for a melee attack. A map of the stage is shown before it begins, and after which, Jackson must get from the start to the end without losing all his health, rescuing all the children and defeating all the enemies along the way.

Moonwalk; Dancing The Dream

Michael Jacksons Dance Moves

Let\x26#39;s see how to moonwalk in

10 Michael Jackson Dance


The game can also be played multiplayer; if the cabinet supports it, up to three people can play simultaneously. All three players play as Jackson, dressed in his suit from the "Smooth Criminal" music video. The first player wears a white suit and hat, with a blue shirt; the second player's character dons a scarlet outfit with a white shirt; the third player's character is dressed in black, with a red shirt. The characters all have armbands: blue for white outfit, white for red outfit, and red for black outfit. Dance Magic: Arguably the most memorable feature, Sega takes the concept of the "smart bomb" or "screen zapper" and changes it to the form of dancing, in a special attack termed "Dance Magic". Remaining stocks of this are displayed onscreen as the MJ logo, , which had recently debuted in the film. Once activated, a heavenly spotlight shines on the player, and the player starts to dance several of the high-energy moves that have become Jackson's hallmarks. All of the standard enemies — henchmen, gangsters, guards, robots — start dancing with the player and are destroyed at the end of the dance routine (ostensibly because they cannot keep up with Jackson's dance moves). However, bosses do not dance, but do take a significant amount of damage. Any captive children on-screen at the time Dance Magic is activated are not harmed. There are three different dance routines that may be performed, and the player starts with one to three of these attacks per credit (depending on how the machine is set up). Bubbles: Part of the peculiarity of this game comes from this unusual power-up. Bubbles the chimpanzee, Michael's real-life pet, appears in each level. Once collected or rescued, the chimp transforms Michael into a robotic version of the pop singer that has the ability to shoot laser bursts and absorb significantly more damage.

Moonwalk - Michael Jackson

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