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emo love poems for a girlfriend

Toma Lá, Dá Cá is set at Jambalaya Ocean Drive Condo at Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro. Once upon a time, Mário Jorge was married to Rita. They have two children: Isadora and Tatalo. At the same time, Celinha was married to dentist Arnaldo and they have one son, Adônis. Eventually both couples end their relationships.

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Then came the craziness...Mário Jorge married Celinha and Arnaldo married Rita. They all moved into the Jambalaya Building in apartments right across from one another! Celinha's mother, Copélia spends her days finding boyfriends with her granddaughter, Isadora. Tatalo is a fan of Bob Marley and Adônis is into Japanese animated porn. The two families share the same maid, Bozena: a woman from the south who loves telling weird stories about her hometown, Pato Branco. Álvara is the gossip of the Jambalaya Building and loves to talk badly about everyone's lives. Mostly of the show humor is based in the conflict between the main characters and the circumstances that away goes against them. For example, they once tries to win a reality show challenge for its money prize, but Adônis is against this idea, because he fears that they poor relationship and maturity only will make them being humiliated in the intere country. And in the final, they argue between each other and end up destroying the studio, and as a punishment for their lack of ethics and self-control, they were denied the prize.

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Celinha: Adônis's Mother, Arnaldo's ex-wife and Mário Jorge's second wife. Celinha is a great and organized housewife and is always trying to be happy and cheerful in problems but, sometimes, she snaps and screams at people. Always suffers because of her mother's (Copélia) behavior. Celinha has an odd habit of trying to cheer up someone who's feeling down (usually her husband, Mário Jorge) by clapping hands and singing a reason for that person to cheer up, preceded and followed by poorly made drum sounds (Example: Nan, nan, nan, be happy, nan, nan, nan!). Although she does not like the confusion that happens in Jambalaya, she is always ready to comfort anyone who questions the way of life in Jambalaya, saying, "Here in Jambalaya is it anyway!". However, after the events of a culinary contest, Celinha gets mad and is finally tired with the greediness of the Jambalaya residents, and decides to move (much of Mario Jorge's chocked and chagrin, because she attempted to do it without his consent and without any planning).

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