Tuesday, November 29, 2011

fondos de amor y amistad

The policies of Zelaya drifted to the left, causing conflicts with the political establishment. He advocated a constitutional assembly to write or reform the constitution with a fourth ballot box referendum, but opponents considered writing or reforming the constitution via a referendum was unconstitutional.

Fondos de amor y amistad para

Following the removal of Zelaya as President, there were problems with the interim presidency of Roberto Micheletti and efforts that were being made to resolve the political crisis both domestically and internationally. The crisis ended after President Porfirio Lobo assumed office in January 2010.

Imagenes De Amor \x26amp;amp; Amistad

Zelaya issues emergency executive decree 46-A-2208, which authorizes transfer of 30 million lempiras of public money to advertising of his fourth ballot box. Soon after he issues another emergency executive decree which is identical except that the money is transferred to his office.

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que es amor y amistad,

fondos amor Fondos de amor y

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