Thursday, November 24, 2011

i love you nana poems

Tom McGrath explained in an interview that the intention of Madagascar was not to take a political stance on whether "zoos are bad and the wild is better, or that the wild is bad", but to show "the most extreme 'fish out of water' story that [they] could do". McGrath stated "the basic irony to the story is that, you think animals do belong in the wild, but if they're so accustomed to civility, they wouldn't know where food even came from", and the animals were meant to "love the zoo and to love where they are because they've got" 5,000 square feet (460 m2) "right off Fifth Avenue".

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McGrath also described, during the research of Madagascar, they "found these crazy, weird animals that were already cartoons in their own right."

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Alakay "Alex" is a lion and the main protagonist of the films. He is voiced by Ben Stiller in the film series and by Wally Wingert in the games. Alex is headstrong, the de facto leader of his friends and is best friends with Marty (Zebra). He is used to the life of comfort in the zoo, but learns to adapt to the wild. He's smart, quick thinking and fast on his feet. He is a dancer by nature, often impressing others with his aerobatic feats. He does tend to be a little self-absorbed, often not seeing the problems of others above his own.

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i love you nana poems

I love you.

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