Thursday, November 24, 2011

i miss you best friend quotes

Catchphrases in bold indicate they're the episodes main catchphrase which was used at the very end of every episode when characters open the door and quote it.

miss you friend quotes

Original airdate: 2004-10-12 Uniqua and Austin are brave pirates, who seek a hidden treasure after finding half of a treasure map without knowing that Pablo and Tyrone have the other half, and are also looking for the same treasure.

I Miss You

Original airdate: 2004-10-13 Professor Uniqua explores the jungle to return Sherman, the Worman, to his home, while three Tarzans Tyrone (the animal guy), Pablo (the very strong) and Austin (who does not say too much) try to warn her about the perils of the jungle, especially quicksand, which she is mostly unaware of.

Best Friend Quotes

Best Friends are the people

miss you est friend quotes. i

And Sister Quotes sister


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