Thursday, November 24, 2011

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Every Wednesday on the show, Jimmy reads off viewer comments from a topic for discussion he started the night before on Twitter. Topics have included "My parents are weird", "Why don't they make that?", "Beach fail", and "Aww hell no!"


Every Friday on the show, Jimmy writes thank you notes. He claims that Friday is the day he catches up on "personal stuff" like checking his inbox, returning e-mails, and writing his weekly thank you notes. He explains that he is running behind and asks the audience if they wouldn't mind if he took time out of the show to write them, and asks James Poyser to play some accompanying music (a mellow piano riff). The notes are sarcastic in tone and involve current events, people in the news, or things that annoy Jimmy (e.g. "Thank you, pony tails, for turning the backs of girls' heads into horses' butts.").

Robert Pattinson Quotes.

Jimmy also wrote out a special Winter Olympics-themed set of thank you notes during NBC's prime-time Olympic coverage on February 26, 2010 (a Friday); anchor Bob Costas "played" the usual thank you note-writing music (by pretending to play along on a keyboard while a pre-recorded track of the music played in the background).

Robert Pattinson Quotes

Robert Pattinson Quotes


Robert Pattinson Quote?"


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