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Only months after the show started, then 21-year-old Miriam Lahnstein was cast in the role of Tanja Wittkamp. A blonde beauty, who comes home from boarding school to see that her parents are broke and have to sell their stud farm. Aristocrat Christoph von Anstetten buys most of the horses, one of them Tanja's favorite. Jan Brandner sees the young woman crying over her lost and gets Christoph to promise that Tanja is always welcome to Castle Friedenau to visit her horse. For Tanja the ticket in a new world, where money rules and you can have a lot of influence. It doesn't take Tanja long to show her true colors, starting schemes and love affairs out of calculation and her own interest.

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In the beginning, Tanja starts off with little schemes and using people to get what she wants. That sort of changes, when Tanja murders her second husband and former stepson Rajan Rai to get the fortune of her first husband Ben von Anstetten. With her first murder committed it seemed that the end of Tanja is near. The soap villain murders two other characters, Cleo Winter and Tim Sander, before leaving the show. Tanja returns three years later to make several attempts to murder again - but without a success. After a plane crash, Tanja seems to be death, but shows up three years later, in 2004, very much alive. Without further explanation it is mentioned that Donald Rush, who Tanja works for, declared her criminal record and the authorities have no evidence or whatsoever against Tanja, in spite of a few witnesses from her past being still alive. Tanja murders again in her first year back, putting the blame on one of the murders on Bernd von Beyenbach. Even though Bernd gets an alibi, Tanja gets never in contact with the murder. Miriam Lahnstein then has to leave during her first pregnancy, which lead to making the character of Tanja pregnant as well. Actress and character return to the show nine months later with Tanja in a convent of nuns. She tries to hold up the cover that she changed, but it doesn't take long and Tanja returns into her old self. But now with the character having a little son, Tanja isn't longer shown as an extreme and isn't involved in any new murders; the executives wanted to make Tanja more human and show her also as a mother next to being the series' number one villain. One year after she returned, Miriam Lahnstein was expecting her second child which lead to leaving the show once again. This time without an on-screen pregnancy. Instead Tanja kidnapped her son and then faked her own death with the help of Adrian Degenhardt. In the upcoming months Adrian has several telephone conversations with Tanja. A few of them with the presents of Miriam Lahnstein's voice. Tanja returned from the death in December 2007 and gets arrested for the first time for faking her death and kidnap her son. But Tanja blackmails Ansgar von Lahnstein, the child's father, and walks free with the judge give a suspended sentence. In fall 2008, TPTB wanted to show a human side of Tanja once again and opened up about Tanja's childhood with the presents of her mother. The result was an explanation that Tanja was in a psychiatry for two years, after her father blamed the death of her younger brother Thomas on her. The storyline earned different opinions by the audience. Some saying it should put a stop to try making Tanja more human. Others welcoming that Tanja doesn't seem to be a one-dimensional character, a critic the character has to fight with for years and seems to be the justification for showing Tanja as mother and a woman with a tragic past. One year after Tanja's past was revisited, the writers could find a balance to use multiple sides of the role. She is now shown as a woman with a troubled past that can be a threat to her, as someone who knows how to use her attraction and still as a devious person who might as well kill someone to get what she wants. In the beginning of 2011, Tanja is shown with a vulnerable side, when she starts having feelings for Sebastian von Lahnstein. Tanja seems to be honest towards him and lets him know why she seems so messed up. To Sebastian, Tanja even admits that she doesn't want her kids to be anything like her.

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Tanja starts off as a shy young woman that just lost her favorite horse over the bankrupt of her parents. But the woman with a face of an angel soon begins to show her true self. She is manipulative and always using everything she can to get what she wants. With her natural beauty, Tanja has the men in her favor and can use them more than onces for her plans. Tanja idolizes the life of the rich and famous. Her priority is it to have a life without any money problems and a high public image. For that she marries into the aristocratic Anstetten family and later into the Lahnstein family. When Tanja returns as a mother in 2006, her priorities have changed. She puts her son first, but wants for him what she always wanted for herself and is ready to do everything in her power to make it happen. It seems intermediate that Tanja becomes a mother of a loin for her son; wanting to give him a real family. Tanja's vulnerable side is shown in the story about her childhood, where it's shown that she had similar protection for brother as she has now for her son. It's also shown that she has to deal with her alcoholic mother, after this issue was already short visited in 1996. In 2011, Tanja talks to Sebastian about her troubled childhood and that she has the feelings to fight, because otherwise she would be drowning. She's shown to have a very soft and loving side, which concludes in the fact that Sebastian might be actually the first man Tanja every really loved. He eventually becomes also the first man to whom Tanja ever confessed to murder of Tim Sander.

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Verbotene Liebe

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