Saturday, October 15, 2011

frankie from saturdays hairstyle

Sandford released a solo song with Calvin Goldspink, "Dreaming" which became a hit. She later featured on Kids in Glass Houses song, "Undercover Lover". After featuring on the song, Sandford went on tour with them; The Dirt Tour. She is also known as a style icon after Glamour Magazine often publishes "Get Frankie's Look" showing you how to get Sandford's style.

Sandford was born in Upminster, London, United Kingdom to Kevin and Viv Sandford, and has a sister, Victoria Sandford. When Sandford was younger she attended her local primary school in Upminister, and after school hours Sandford spent her time at a private dance school; after finishing school Sandford decided she wanted to go to stage school where she studied in Romford, studying musical arts, she also expressed views in going to the BRIT School. Sandford previously worked in a bar in her local town during the week and had a Saturday job as a sales assistant clothing shop in AllSaints concession in House of Fraser, London.

The group split in early 2004, but they still went on to I Dream for 19 Entertainment. Unlike the S Club 7 shows which focused upon the band's fictional exploits, I Dream saw S Club 8 as members of a larger ensemble cast. I Dream revolved around the summer school Avalon Heights, run by Professor Toone (played by Christopher Lloyd), where the characters tried to improve on their talents in the performing arts. The show prominently featured songs and dances, with normally two songs per episode.

In summer 2010, the band released their first mini album, their third album overall, Headlines!, which charted at number 3 in the UK and number 10 in Ireland. The band released their eighth single, "Missing You", which charted at number three in the UK and number six in Ireland. Rochelle Wiseman confirmed that the second single from the album would be "Higher" After Flo Rida beat the group to number one for the second time, the American rapper offered to do a collaboration with the band. It was later confirmed, by the band's official website that Flo Rida had recorded vocals for "Higher".

loved Frankie Sandford\x26#39;s

Frankie Sandford Hair

Frankie Sandford Hairstyles

frankie sandford hairstyle

rihanna frankie saturdays

Below is her New look,

Frankie Sandford Short Cropped

frankie sandford short hair.

Frankie Sandford

Frankie Sandford of The

photo of Frankie Sandford

Frankie Sandford in London



Frankie Sandford\x26#39;s Asymmetric

Frankie :)


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