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The band formed in 1997 in the Twin Cities area (Minneapolis/ St. Paul) of Minnesota. An early influence was D.C. band Swiz, who also inspired the font used on early releases. Reminiscent of bands like Fugazi and Drive Like Jehu in work ethic and spirit, they pushed away from the hardcore scene that rooted their sound to experiment with adding sonic presence, electronic beats and sampling, as well as multi-layered vocals.

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The band's name was taken from an incident at a party. Founding drummer Erin Tate was informed by his brother Knol (guitarist) that a girl named "Sadie tried to kill [him]." Tate responded that "someone should kill Sadie." The band's name is often broken into two words ("Kill Sadie") though it is just as common for the phrase to be combined into a single word.


They were eventually driven apart not only by moving from Minneapolis to Seattle, but mainly by directions they wanted to take the band, as is evident in the member's later projects.

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