Saturday, November 19, 2011

osos de amor

Verano de amor is the story of four teenagers who have always lived in the city of Tlacotalpan, Veracruz, México. The story's message emphasizes the distinction between the importance of pursuing one's dreams and the importance of pursuing material things. The show's creators chose Tlacotalpan for its setting in large part because of its natural beauty; the storyline of Verano de amor incorporates messages promoting environmental responsibility, an extension of Televisa's "Televisa Verde" initiative focused on the environment.

Osa Osos Bailando Osos

dos osos enamorados.gif

Imagenes de osos de amor

Fondo Osos De Amor

Fondo Osos De Amor

Osos Bajo Lluvia De Amor

Osos bajo la luna

Amor de Osos wallpaper

Osos del amor boton por Spice

Osos en amor


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