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Pasalubong is a Tagalog word, a variant of the word pansalubong or pangsalubong. It comes from the root word "salubong" which means "(to) welcome", "to meet", or "reception". The prefix "pa-" is a contraction of "pang-", roughly equivalent to the English suffix "-er". Thus, the word "pasalubong" can be roughly translated as "something meant for you when you welcome me back." The word has minor celebratory connotations, as in rejoicing the safe homecoming of someone who was away for a time.

love quotes and sayings

In Visayan languages, pasalubong is also referred to as tinabuan in Cebuano and sinugatan in Hiligaynon. Both of which have the same meanings as the Tagalog word. The Philippine English acronym B.H. (for "Bring Home") is also frequently used.

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Pasalubong, in general, is a "gift for a relation or friend brought by a traveler returning from a trip," and could also refer to "anything given as a gift to someone on the way home to a certain place." It could also mean "homecoming gift" or any present which signifies appreciation to the services rendered by the recipient.

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love quotes and sayings

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love quotes and sayings

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